Best Money Saving Tips

Everybody wants money, Everybody wants to save money. But somehow many of us, never able to save money because of our daily life expenses. Our daily needs, bills, loan repayments stop us to do the same. Sometimes we spend money on unnecessary stuff which we really don't need in our life. Yes this is true we sometimes misuse the money.

There are many Money Saving Tips already available on internet. But this is from my personal experience, we can save some amount for our better future. Unexpected expenses are unconditionally hit us when we are not prepare for it. At that time we realize that we should save little little money from our daily life.

Let's see the easy ways to save money:

1. Maintain Excel Sheet: Maintaining excel sheet for your expenses is a good idea. Many times we missed little expenses from daily routine and we forget when and what amount we paid for. So it's better to write every thing to remind yourself the proper expense sheet.

Now, once you make it, try to figure out every month which expenses are negotiable and not so important. Try not to repeat those in upcoming months. By this you can save little amount of money.

2. Open A Savings Account: What!! Yes!! But.. I already know that! Yeah you already know that from opening a savings account you can save money. But, what if there is no withdrawal from that savings account or which doesn't have debit card to use. Yes this sounds crazy but when you open such savings bank account just try to deposit particular fixed amount every month.

Boom.. If you deposit 50$ every month just for savings. It will become 3000$ in 5 years + you will also get bank interest on your money. Try this trick, this will really help you.

3. Avoid Advertising: Really!! Yes means when you watch TV, Listen Radio we see many ads during watch. Ads invoke us for new products in market, discounts, sale etc which cause us a bomb of money expense. So if the product is not useful to you, try to avoid it. Never buy such products which are just for time pass.

4. Now vs Later: When we are thirsty, we have some options like, drink a glass of water, drink beer, drink cold drink, drink fruit juice. We can choose any option. But we may satisfy by drinking a glass of water, then why to spend money on cold drink or any other.

Another example of point number 4 is, I want to buy I phone. But wait a min, should i really need it? Think twice wait for few days and rethink on same topic. There may be a variation in thinking. May be you move to some other product which is in lower cost. It may save your money.

5. Increase Income Instead Of Reduce Expenses: Yes, try to focus on your work and income source. Try to make more money by smart working. Increasing income will automatically setup your expenses like gas bills, phone bills etc.


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