Car Care Tips You Should Know

There are many people who use personal cars regularly. When you use car everyday you should take care of your car properly means every human created machine needs maintenance. There are some Basic Car Care Tips Everyone Should Know.

Note: If your car is under warranty, take your car to service center for quick service and they will do all work for you.

1. Tyre Pressure: For good mileage and smooth drive keep your car's Tyre pressure properly (As Per Car Company). You can also use nitrogen for better experience.

2. Engine Oil: Engine Oil is very important part of your healthy car. You should check Oil regularly. In your car manual, car company give info about oil change and how often you need to change oil for fluent performance.

3. Spark Plug: Spark Plug is a tiny hidden component and very important part of car ignition. Whenever you have problem in starting your car, you should firstly check your Spark Plug.

4. Car Battery: Battery meter is given in every car to check level of your Battery and to check how much power left in your Battery. It's a good idea to check your Battery once a year.

5. Brake System: It's really isn't hard to tell when your Braking System needs maintenance. Always go to your mechanic or service center to take care of your car's Braking System.

6. Air Filter: Air Filter is responsible for efficient airflow and overall performance of your car. It's cheap part and easy to replace. When you feel your car is not performing good, you should check your Air Filter.

7. Radiator Coolant: When it comes to cool down your car's engine, you must check your Radiator Coolant. Coolant takes care of your car when it got heat up during long drive.

8. Changing Tyre: Knowing how to change a Tyre in emergency is very important. You should take a session for Tyre Changing from any mechanic.

9. Emergency Contact: Always keep mechanic or service help line numbers with you in case of any emergency during long drive. Its safe option to take expert advice.

10. Average / Eco Mode: When it comes to Average, try to drive your car in speed of 40-60. When you do this, your car will gave more average and stay healthy.

11. Car Cleaning: You can buy a small vacuum cleaner for your car. It's small and clean your car within few minutes. This is a good option when you save your time and money.

So guys these was today's car tips. Hope you find it knowledgeable. Try this tips and be safe drive.


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